Sunday, May 2, 2010

The fine print details

It is now becoming clearer what impact an LNG gas plant would be on the Peninsula from a physical point of view if the project is approved.
This design was on view at the NW Expo in Broome recently. It is a conceptual layout not necessarily the final design and not to scale. (Used with permission).

  • Prices Point and Quandong Point will remain intact with free access for recreational purposes for the life of the precinct. (Shire News Issue 61 August 2011.)

  • If given the go ahead, the LNG plant will be located south of Prices Point - it seems at least about a kilometre.

  • The fenced area will be approx. 2000 hectares (20 square kilometres or 4942 acres)

  • The construction area will be approx. 500 hectares (5 square kilometres or 1235 acres) within the fenced area and located at least 1 kilometre inland from the shore line.

  • The area of beach which would be off limits would be approx 1 and half kilometres

  • The area of marine impact would be approx. 1000 hectares (10 square kilometres)

  • The jetty and loading facilities would be approx. 1 kilometre from the shore line.

  • There will be two enviromental impacts to consider (Federal Govt and Woodside) . The Federal Environmental Minister will make clear the Governments recommendations by late 2010.

  • The investment decision by Woodside will be made by mid 2012. By this stage all approvals and design work will be completed.

  • If all hurdles are cleared, Woodside aim to have construction finished by 2017.

  • Woodside aim to generate 600 direct jobs during the ongoing operations phase and up to 5000 direct jobs during peak construction.

  • According to LNG literature, noise levels are understood to be low and emissions from the plant also low. Conservationists are concerned by the likelihood of a 600-900 MW power station, a desalination plant and tonnes of carbon dioxide emission into the air .

  • Of major concern would be the effects of dredging and blasting on the marine life of that area and the ongoing movements of up to 600 supertankers per year.

It is disturbing to note that the public were told in 2008 that the Prices Point LNG plant would:

''require a few hundred metres of coastline and about 300 to 400 acres (1 and half square kilometres or 150 hectares) on the land which would not be accessible to the public." (December 20th 2008).


  • The cost of housing - rental properties?

  • The availability of medical and dental services which are already under pressure

  • 3500-5000 fly in /fly out workers.

  • Tourism?