Thursday, April 21, 2011

Shire approves Woodside camp for Browse

Broome Shire councillors approved Woodside's application for a temporary off site workers camp. The 45 hectare camp (HALF A SQUARE KILOMETRE) location is 15 kilometres from Broome and set 200 metres back from the Broome Derby Highway. It is also the site of the future airport for Broome. Purpose of the camp: 1. Early clearing of land. 2. build a temporary marine off-loading facility at the Browse LNG Precinct. 3. to accommodate workers employed to build the construction village at the Prices Point site. Plans for the camp: 1. accommodation for 600 workers. 2. restaurant and tavern/beer garden.medical, security and emergency response building. 3. recreational facilities - swimming pool and sports court. Timeline: 1.Detailed design phase at present. to start if final investment decison is taken expected mid 2012. 3. facility operational 2 years later. The council motion included the condition to return the site to its orgininal state should the gas development at Prices Point not go ahead.