Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What a 'price' to pay!

The 3,500 hectare gas processing plant at James Price Point would need two 125 megawatt power stations, a desalination plant, an airport and a town for 3,500 construction workers, as well as a new port capable of accommodating gas super-tankers at an environmentally sensitive site in the Kimberley.
The industrial site has been proposed for an area previously earmarked by government for a national park. A number of internationally threatened species, including Humpback Whales, endangered Turtles, Dugong, Snub-fin Dolphin and Sawfish would be at risk from the dredging and blasting of reefs and seagrass beds for a new port, as well as from the huge increase in shipping.
The Federal Minister for the Environment will make a decision in mid-2010 about whether or not the gas proposal can go ahead in the Kimberley,’ said Mr Pritchard.
(Excerpts from the press release August 3rd of Martin Pritchard – Environs Kimberley)

The K.L.C. wants action on royalties

The Kimberley Land Council has urged the Venture Partners who are opposed to bringing gas onshore in the Kimberley to resolve their differences concerning the $30 Billion LNG gas project at Prices Point so that the promised $1.5 Billion in benefits such as jobs, housing and health care can be delivered to the Traditional owners. The K.L.C. is also seeking $1 Billion in separate royalties from the Federal Government to raise living standards of the local Aboriginal people. A quick resolution seems unlikely on both issues. (Based on an article by Andrew Burrell in the Financial Review - August 2009)