Tuesday, August 4, 2009

What a 'price' to pay!

The 3,500 hectare gas processing plant at James Price Point would need two 125 megawatt power stations, a desalination plant, an airport and a town for 3,500 construction workers, as well as a new port capable of accommodating gas super-tankers at an environmentally sensitive site in the Kimberley.
The industrial site has been proposed for an area previously earmarked by government for a national park. A number of internationally threatened species, including Humpback Whales, endangered Turtles, Dugong, Snub-fin Dolphin and Sawfish would be at risk from the dredging and blasting of reefs and seagrass beds for a new port, as well as from the huge increase in shipping.
The Federal Minister for the Environment will make a decision in mid-2010 about whether or not the gas proposal can go ahead in the Kimberley,’ said Mr Pritchard.
(Excerpts from the press release August 3rd of Martin Pritchard – Environs Kimberley)

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