Saturday, September 11, 2010

Compulsory acquisition

The WA Government clarified that the area that will be acquired by the State for the gas hub at Prices Point will be 2,500 hectares of the land and about 1,000 hectares of sea bed which includes 2 kilometres of coastline. Around 2500 hectares (25 SQUARE KILOMETRES) will be used for gas processing, accommodation and third party contractors. A further 968 hectares of land will be used for the "ancillary' areas of onshore pipelines roads and services. In Jan 2011 it was reported that the area at Prices Point will be 25 square kilometres comprising 2000 hectares for the plant itself, 1000 hectares for common usage areas, 200 hectares for workers accommodation and 200 hectares for anxillary work for services supporting the precinct. It is disturbing to note that the public were told in 2008 that the Prices Point LNG plant would: ''require a few hundred metres of coastline and about 300 to 400 acres (1 and half square kilometres or 150 hectares) on the land which would not be accessible to the public." (December 20th 2008). Prices Point itself will remain intact with free access for recreational purposes if the plant goes ahead. There will be a track from a sealed road between the Precinct and the Cape Leveque Road.

The federal Environment Minister, Tony Burke, recently extended until June 2011 the consultation period for an assessment of the heritage values of the Kimberley.

Woodside, Shell, Chevron, BHP and BP will not make a final investment decision until at least mid 2012.