Friday, May 8, 2009

The gas hub promises

The gas hub is a $185 billion, 30-year project.
Woodside expects 6000 fly-in fly-out jobs will be created during the five-year construction phase, alongside hundreds of positions for local indigenous groups when its proposed $20 billion Browse Basin LNG project gets going, possibly as early as 2011.
The deal promises to deliver something between $1.5billion and $2 billion to the traditional owners, known as the Goolarabooloo Jabirr Jabirr Native Title Claim Group.
Several traditional owners did not attend the signing of the agreement yesterday, including "law man" Joseph Roe, who says the pipeline will cut through his songline. Frank Sebastian's son, Neil McKenzie, a Jabirr Jabirr man did not sign.

The project, which is still subject to an environmental impact statement and a final signoff by Woodside over the next six months, would put an LNG plant measuring 3km by 3km on the coast north of Broome to receive gas from offshore wells.
The package for the Jabirr Jabirr people promises improved health and education, land, housing, and employment as well as a financial settlement.

The LNG processing site could be located anywhere
between Flat Rock and Quandong, up to 5km inland on
a 3,000-hectare site. The massive breakwater and extensive
dredging of the seabed (annually, should the project
go ahead) could extend kilometres out to sea.
(Extracts taken from the news report in the Australian Newspaper)

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