Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Broome Shire Council stands up for the environment

In one of the most important debates for the future of Broome, the Shire Council made a strong stand for the environment by passing 4 motions:
1. That turtles are given more protection against the impact of vehicles on Cable Beach. There will be a restriction on vehicles 500m north of Gantheaume Point to Coconut Wells during the key times, tides and dates which coincide with the nesting of turtles. This will not inconvenience the general public as the restrictions mostly occur at night.
2. The Council does not support the location of a gas processing hub/presinct along the coastline within the Shire of Broome. The Council calls for more direct consultation and wants to explore other development options.
3. The Council will host a forum to inform and educate people within the Shire on the direct impacts - economic, environment and social of an LNG hub/presinct.
4. The Council will express to our Sister City Taiji the community of Broome's concerns about the culling and slaughter of dophins and the apparent condoning of this practice by the Taiji City Council.

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