Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Crunch time for Prices Point

No wonder the public is often cynical about politics when we are told just before the festive season about a decision which will change our region irrevocably with a 1000 to 2000 hectare slice of Kimberley coast given over to industrial development of which a large chunk will be on the land. If Prices Point is taken by our State Government for an LNG gas factory, the 4 kilometre long dredging required, will scrape out the grave for the Broome surrounds, and the drilling and pile driving for the construction of 'a significant jetty' will pound at the very heart of our Kimberley coastline. This destruction of our pristine environment is a very heavy price to pay. What’s going to be the effect of the next 50 years of major quantities of waste water from the extraction process, atmospheric pollution and ballast from the tankers? The next three months of consultation is far too short in considering cultural, heritage, environmental and social impacts on Broome and the wider area. The threat of 'compulsory acquisition' is a poor substitute if negotiations get bogged down with traditional owners. The Conservation Council is right by drawing a line in the sand and launching an International campaign against this proposal while arguing that the Browse gas should be piped to the Pilbara instead where the infrastructure is already in place.

Brian Kane Broome.

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