Friday, November 7, 2008

Prices Point is too precious

Is James Prices Point worth preserving in its natural state – after all there’s only bush, sand, pindan cliffs and rocks there? Maybe so, but anyone who has taken the time to travel the 60 kilometres from Broome on the winding track which eventually reveals the pristine beauty of this unique spot could not but be moved. Having made the trip myself on numerous occasions over the past thirty years to camp, fish and explore, it’s hard to believe that this peaceful area may soon change forever. Presently, there are no unsightly human structures of any type to be seen, no matter how far you may squint into the far horizon.

Isn’t Prices Point a very significant site for Aboriginal people who have strong connections to the Lurrujarri Trail? In a previous newspaper, the ‘Broome News’ over 20 years ago, Paddy Roe, the guardian and Law keeper stated that Price Point was a ‘non-development zone to be used as per tradition for camping, learning and recreation’.

There are limited areas within easy driving distance where ‘Broomites’ can get away and unwind, so why take away Prices Point from them? Obviously, off shore gas will bring wealth and mega development but is it worth the environmental cost?

Progress will no doubt mean a sealed road in the not to distant future where we can reach Prices Point in half the time and then won’t we be delighted to show our children the LNG gas hub?

Brian Kane

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