Thursday, November 6, 2008

Prices Point Public Submission absurd timeline

28 days was an absurdly short time frame for the public to lodge their objections to the Northern Task force concerning the proposal to locate an LNG gas hub along the Kimberley coast. The site evaluation report on Prices Point refers to a ‘dredged channel’ and a ‘significant breakwater’ for the LNG tankers, the development of a land based processing hub and pipeline access over the cliff face which we are assured would be mostly buried. Do we really want the constant whirring of helicopters and the rumbling of heavy machinery along our peaceful coast line? The report does recognise that Prices Point is a ‘popular recreational area and extensively accessed by the Traditional Owners’ and important for pearling leases in the vicinity. It also acknowledges a negative effect on tourism, air services, accommodation and on the local workforce. So why destroy Prices Point which has been formed over millions of years and is nature’s gift for all of us to enjoy?

Brian Kane Broome

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