Friday, November 7, 2008

Social impact of LNG Plant at Prices Point

Don’t we appreciate so much our unspoilt beaches, our laid back outdoors lifestyle, our pearling history and our unique multicultural community here in Broome? After all, it’s the reason why we live here and it’s the magnet which draws tourists from all over the world.

Having lived in Karratha, I decided to move to Broome because I wanted to live in a town rich in social and cultural history - not a mining town! You only have to look at the impact an LNG plant has had on Karratha and on that beautiful area of the Pilbara. If this plant goes ahead at Price Point, Broome will become another Karratha where the only people who are looked after are the LNG plant workers. The rest of us will not be able to afford housing, flights, services and goods.

As well as a large number of environmental considerations, there are also the social and cultural costs of destroying our unique town. Locating an LNG plant at Prices Point will hugely upset the cultural and social fabric of this special town!

Gemma Laidlaw Broome

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